This page is just like the brand pages.

This is a sentence.

This is a sentence that has been linked to

This is  a sentence you should link to

  1.  Select the sentence you want to link.
  2. Click the chain icon
  3. copy/write/paste the entire link to the tag you want to represent your products with.
  4. Always hit the blue arrow icon when editing or creating a link (visible hen editing link). This saves your link as written (you still need to update the text box and update the page to see the changes you made)

URL format:

Every product you want linked to the tag YOURPRODUCTTAG, needs YOURPRODUCTTAG listed in the tag section when creating new products/product families. (Editing a product)

eg.   is the correct url for Avery MPI 1005 Easy Apply Opaque   on the Avery brand page. It sends people to every product tagged “MPI-1005”.  If you click the link in this paragraph, wordpress will give you the option to edit the link (pencil icon) and you can see the url I wrote here in that edit box.

Note: make sure to make the url https not http. It’s okay that links exist without it, I’ve edited the Avery page to reflect this. (the brand pages were built prior to going live and the site automatically sends them to https, but going forward, make urls with https, not http. )