Marabu ClearShield Production Clear Matte 55 Gallons 360267324


This versatile liquid laminate is water-based and specifically formulated for use with UV or Eco-Solvent inks.

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Marabu ClearShield Production Clear Matte 55 Gallons 360267324. Production Clear was developed for the growing UV curable market. It shows great adhesion over most UV cured inks and hard to coat substrates. The coating should be applied within the first 10 days after printing to insure good adhesion. Production Clear offers great abrasion resistance and will hide some of the bi-directional lines (rail road tracks) associated with UV printing.


  • Use instead of film laminates
    • Water-based
    • Low odor
    • Contains state-of-the-art UV inhibitors and light stabilizers
    • High performance – Excellent exterior durability
    • Enhances color
    • Highly flexible
    • Protects from abrasion and marring
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Water Resistant
    • Will not yellow
    • Use over UV printed output as well as over solvent based and eco-solvent ink, Pigmented ink (non water-sensitive)
    • Apply with Roller, Spray or Automated Equipment
    • Easy clean-up with soap and water
    • Available in 3 finishes: Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte
    • Packaging: quarts, gallons, five-gallon pails

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Weight 520 lbs