Avery Dennison MPI 2631 Textured Wall Film Stucco 60 in x 25 yds A006058

Avery Dennison MPI 2631 Textured Wall Film Stucco 60 in x 25 yds A006058


A tough, scuff-resistant, flexible, white premium calendered vinyl film designed specifically for wall graphics.


Avery Dennison MPI 2631 Textured Wall Film Stucco 60 in x 25 yds A006058. Textured white polymeric calendered vinyl with removable adhesive. Avery Dennison MPI 2600 Wall Film Series is a tough, scuff-resistant, flexible, calendered vinyl designed specifically for wall graphic applications. Ideal for hospitality areas, retail areas, exhibitions and more. The thick face of the film provides opacity for full coverage of the wall and allows for easy application.

Printer Compatibility




UV Cure


Film: Textured white polymeric calendered vinyl
Texture: Stucco
Calliper, face film: 152 micron
Calliper, face film & adhesive: 177 micron
Adhesive: Clear removable acrylic Removability: up to 1 year
Backing: Two side PE coated Staflat paper
Outdoor life: Up to 4 years (unprinted)
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most mild acids, alkalies and salts


  • Flexible textured white high performance polymeric calendered vinyl face film designed for internal graphics
  • A thick face film construction that provides added stability reducing application time and edge curl from solvent inkjet inks
  • Superior adhesive technology that meets the demanding requirements of most wall surfaces
  • Premium film with excellent printability across a range of technology and inks
  • Two side PE coated StaFlat liner provides easy converting properties
  • Suitable for most walls
  • Easy and clean removability with heat for up to 1 year from smooth sound paint
  • Meets ASTM E84-04, Standard test method for surface burning characteristics of building materials, Class A rated
  • Tough, flexible & scuff-resistant
  • Able to print to the edge of the film with no white border required


  • POP
  • Tradeshows
  • Internal wall graphics
  • Retail wall graphics
  • Wall decorations
  • Exhibition wall graphics
  • Internal window graphics
  • Indoor advertising
  • Hospitality and commercial space interiors